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Helping Professionals with a Painting

I'm with you: Queer Gestures at the Barbican Fringe

Owen G. Parry & Bareback Museum: Helping professionals with a painting 

Owen and Miles invite you to their open studio, a museological camp amongst the exotic palms to explore friendships, public intimacies and exhibition.

Check out our performance!

©Christa Holka

©Christa Holka

©Christa Holka

Owen Parry:
"An open estudio and improvised script reading with discussions, drawing and singing and dancing around subjects including: glass pyramids and the tropical (vis a via Plantasia, Swansea); acting ( via George Kuchar); exhibitionism (courtesy of Bb museum); interactive Grindr portraits; Macho Fucker mince pies; finished off with a democratically authored 'Egalitarian Britney Spears’ song and dance:

“My toilet Beads r killin me
I must admit, I need a pee (need a pee)”


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