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Can I make a painting Mrs Aids>?

Well can I make a painting if I am too ill mrs aids. No. I can't make a painting if I am ill mrs aids. But I can't make a painting if I am not ill either. If I am tired I cannot make a painting mrs aids. Neither can I make a painting if I was not a shoe holder, for a shoe holder holds all the shoes just as the lock smith holds all the keys. So you see, I am a shoe holder but not a lock smith. Nor a planet. Nor a Claverton Street. I am the lock holder who holds the door to the irreversible chemical cupboard which draws down its long shutters and doesn't just. I am the advisor. I am king of the advisory. I advise people to take pep and not to take pep. I am a precautionary not a visionary. I am a trier not a succeeder. I am the person who sits on the right. I am a disabled person. I am mental health. I need to get confused or made to be confused. My head starts to hurt when I talk a pill. I start to feel dry when I have drunk water. I start to leak when i have cum. I am the unhappy summer who watches porn and does not listen. I am shy and I am scared to feel intimate. I enjoy my new boyfriend but I am still scared and shy sometimes to feel needed. I am the happy house which can stand on its feet like a cartoon and move. I am in a position to stick the roof up and my bottom down. I am the drawn wind who does not shudder but falls asleep in the waiting room when I cannot move. I wait.. and wait and sometimes the waiting is fast and sometimes it can be very slow. Sometimes I experience the level of service which keeps me happy. Sometimes I am in a studious mood. I can read for a while even though things should not be so clear. When I come in I am a monster. When I come in I don't come in for a while. I stand outside and watch all the still smokers smoking. And I wonder am I hitting the needle to hard. can i find my haystack. Can I be impressed by the way that I am. Can I study in a group. Can I stand in a group and not lie. Can I do gang bang in the lads. Can I sit on a sofa and get bored? Have I ever done it? 


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