BB Portraits project for Grindr users

If you would like to volunteer to sit for a portrait then please contact Bareback Museum and read the description below for more information.

I am creating portraits of volunteers who pose for life drawing. The exchange between myself and the sitter offers reflective questioning about artwork in relation to sexual, personal and public encounters. This is an opportunity for volunteers to experiment with nudity and to benefit from visual art discussions about social science, politics and health. Many of the sitters have been invited through Grindr as I am part of this demographic, social network, and wish to learn more about the conversations and trends: in this context Nudity is used as a structure of life drawing to advance more intimate conversations about Bareback Sex. Conversations and friendships freely form whilst the drawing commences. The process to undertake life drawing with volunteers is to reflect and to evaluate the psychology of an individuals sexual health. The intimacy and imagination of life drawing for the sitters is an experience of concentration.

Drawings of the volunteer sitters will be made in the Bareback Museum art studio at London City Island, E14. The materials will include pen, charcoal, pencil, colouring pencil, pastel and watercolors on various sizes of cartridge paper, card and watercolour paper. During the process I will encourage sitters to talk.

Grindr is a privately owned company with the largest shareholder base in China. During the BB Portraits, questions will be asked about how the behavior of the community of Grindr users is affected by the management of the social platform. And how participation is occurring from Grindr users about the way that they interact with Bareback sex.

There are over 50% less LGBTQ venues than there were ten years ago. The empowerment of LGBTQ communities has changed from local LGBTQ communities to online groups with their own philosophies of change and identity politics.

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